Easy Coffee Machine Cleaning Tips You Carry Out At Home

Posted on: 10 May 2018

Do you expect your coffee machine to be working perfectly without any complications? Should you always contact a professional to carry out regularly cleaning of your coffee machine? These are some questions that new buyers always ask when they get their machines. However, owning a coffee machine is not a complicated undertaking as long as you take note of some basic cleaning tips. Below are some cleaning tips that you can easily carry out at your home.

Removing any residue from the grind hopper

You should clean the grind hopper once a week if you hardly use your coffee machine. Since this component always holds the coffee beans, it often gets stained after several days. These stains can easily affect the quality of your coffee over time. This can be avoided by using a cleaning agent to wipe the grind hopper until it retains its original appearance. Make sure that it is completely dry before putting it back and resuming its use.

Back flushing

Back flushing involves directing water at high pressure into the shower head and the seals. This helps to remove any residue that might contaminate your coffee. However, you should ask an expert for the best cleaning brush for this task, to prevent additional contamination. Ideally, back flushing should be done daily, if the coffee machine is used regularly, or once every two days if you hardly use the machine.

Cleaning the gasket

It is necessary to clean the gasket and command panels on a daily basis. These should be dipped in water but require the use of a designated brush. However, you can wash the filter and filter ring by placing them in hot water. Hot water can also be used to clean the tray at the end of the day.

Changing gaskets

Because of the working conditions endured by gaskets, it is ideal to change them after several months. This ensures that your machine continues to operate perfectly. If you are unsure of how to do this, it is best to call an expert to carry out this task.

It is important to understand that there are several factors that affect the working of your machine. If you use the machine regularly, such as if you have a large family, then you will have to contact an expert for routine maintenance sooner than an individual who lives and uses the machine alone. Additionally, in case you detect an unusual sound when the machine is working, do not ignore it since it can lead to more problems.